We are a group of guys who enjoy police, jail and incarceration role play games. Your JTC Club Membership includes unlimited access to all JTC Club activities - events, phone lines and web site.
Our web site features hundreds of full size photos from past training weekends... plus dozens of video clips and action slideshows. We are real guys... who really get into the game and gear. No porno... just a chance for you to picture yourself on the inside and learn about our team, our game and our training game weekends.

Our phone conference calls feature team members sharing insights from their work and past training experiences. We are always looking for guys to be the next round of prisoners. Training weekends are scheduled at our facility and at private locations across the country. Full Details for Members Only!
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We offer a Six Month Full Access Membership for $30.00. This membership allows full access to our web site, phone conference calls and invitations to private events. Join Here - $30.00 for Six Months

HOW IT WORKS - When you click on the link for the membership you've selected, an email window will come up. Send us your name and email address... along with the CLUB USERNAME and PASSCODE you want to use on the web site. Once today's duty office receives your email... he will send you an invoice to pay your JTC Club Membership. Please know that we never see your credit card number and that all club membership info is kept strictly confidential. 

We never share your information with anyone!

You can use any major credit card, but make certain you intend to join... since all membership fees are non-refundable. Once we receive notice of your paid invoice, the duty officer will send you a welcome email letting you know that your selected CLUB USERNAME and PASSCODE have been activated.   

Always provide club username when seeking direct contact!

We do not respond to messages from non-members
This is one of our very strict club policies